Six great white sharks lurking down US coast – with thousands more nearby

Six huge great white sharks have congregated on the US coast – as researchers warn that thousands more could be nearby.

Ocean data collection agency Ocearch has tracked half a dozen sharks gathering near the state of Florida.

Four have been spotted off the northeastern coast of the country, while the other two are swimming around the southwestern ocean.

While so many sharks together is not typical, the warm water around the region makes it an ideal home for them.

Three of the sharks have grouped together off the coast of Jacksonville, where temperatures sit around 19C.

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The predators, named Nova, Sydney, Cabot, Ironbound, Unama’ki and Hudson were captured and released with trackers that allow researchers to follow their movements.

Recent years have seen technological advancements in animal research, which means through tracking, scientists are able to “crack the code” on the species.

Ocearch founder and expedition leader Chris Fischer told CNN that the group-of-six may be just the beginning, with thousands more untracked sharks likely to be sharing the waters.

“This whole idea that the life of the white shark is a mystery is just no longer true, it’s a matter of time and a little bit of money.

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"In the next few years, we’re going to have the complete life history of the north Atlantic white shark solved”, he told CNN.

Ocearch are hoping their research will bring increased protection for the endangered creatures.

Despite their terrifying reputation, great white sharks are a vulnerable and endangered species who are facing a high risk of extinction.

The World Wildlife Fund said the decrease in population is the result of years being hunted for their fins and teeth, and as a trophy catch in sports fishing.

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