A sneaky handout to grammar schools, says Voice of The Mirror

While Tory austerity damages education in many schools, the Government adds insult to injury by increasing funding for only its favoured few.

Unable to expand the relatively small number of grammars in England due to public opposition and a lost Parliamentary majority, Theresa May slipping the existing schools an extra £50million is as sneaky as it is unfair.

Excellent comprehensives under enormous financial strain deserve a cash boost too, as well as struggling schools which require a fresh start under a hew head.

Today’s broadside from leaders of the giant National Education Union will be echoed at school gates and in staff rooms.

Pupils, parents and teachers all know that squeezed funding is hurting bright kids.

Schools in Wales and Scotland also receive a share of an education budget which isn’t large enough when student numbers are up.

Distributing it fairly shouldn’t be hard but this Government doesn’t play fair. Pet Tory projects, are costing us what we can’t afford.

Risk to peace

In a conflict-scarred Middle East the ­military exchanges between Israel
and Iran could escalate to become ­potentially catastrophic.

The two countries firing missiles at each other is in the interests of neither when the price of all out war would be terrifyingly high.

Britain is right to join Germany, France and Russia in calling on both combatants to ­exercise restraint to end these clashes before they spiral out of control.

Enough blood is spilled in Syria and Yemen. Adding to it with another Middle East war would create fresh human tragedies.

We’ll miss Roo

Wayne Rooney looks set to leave Everton to play for DC United in America’s Major League Soccer.

The Manchester United legend has been a great servant to England’s Three Lions and we wish him well. Yanks for everything, Wayne.

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