Snow weather forecast: Maps and charts turn PURPLE as strong winds race towards Britain

The UK has experienced a spell of cold weather over the last few days, with some regions witnessing snow and black ice on the roads. And a number of forecasters are predicting more snow could be on the way next week, along with strong winds and cold temperatures.

Peak wind gust maps from WXCHARTS, which use data from MetDesk, show strong winds could hit parts of the UK over the coming days.

But by Tuesday, February 4, much of the map turns purple, with the chart also demonstrating stronger winds heading towards the UK from the west.

Some areas of the UK could see maximum wind gusts of up to 55mph, according to the data.


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The UK also looks likely to feel the cold next week, according to WXCHARTS temperature forecasts.

On Tuesday most parts of the UK are forecast to see temperatures well into the minuses.

Maximum temperatures will hover around 8C, while some parts of the UK could see temperatures as low as -5.

Forecasts for Tuesday also show potential snowfall across Scotland, northern England and Wales.

In their outlook for Monday, February 2 to Wednesday, February 12, the Met Office are forecasting wintry showers “likely falling as snow to relatively low levels”.

The Met Office said: “The beginning of next week will remain unsettled with outbreaks of rain or showers mixed with bright or sunny spells.

“Thereafter, we should see the dominance of high pressure across the UK.

“This will allow a shift towards more settled conditions with a good deal of sunshine across most parts.


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“Northern and eastern areas are likely to start this period cold with a chance of wintry showers, these likely falling as snow to relatively low levels at times.

“Towards the end of next week, the settled weather will spread further east with plenty of sunny spells by day and a risk of frost by night.

“Following this, it looks to stay mostly dry but it may turn increasingly cloudy towards the middle of February with possible overnight fog.”

Netweather are also forecasting some “wintry” showers over Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England for this period.

Netweather’s forecast reads: “This week will start off with a showery westerly type on the 3rd, also with some longer spells of rain likely in places, especially the south, and it will be windy, with potential for gales especially in the north.

“A cold northerly or north-westerly incursion will follow on the 4th, which will bring wintry showers to some parts of the country, with the distribution of showers depending on whether we get a north-westerly or a northerly (there is still plenty of uncertainty over this).

“The showers are likely to turn wintry at low levels in Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England but snow will probably be limited to higher ground further south.”

However Netweather predict the “incursion of Arctic air” will not last for long, and “high pressure will move in from the west”, bringing dryer and sunnier weather with it.

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