Soldier turned coke kingpin warns Wayne Couzens ‘ticks boxes to suffer’ in jail

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An ex-soldier turned cocaine kingpin believes Wayne Couzens will endure a "deserved" ghastly fate in prison.

Reformed criminal Richard Jones was released from jail in 2019 after serving seven years for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

And the 51-year-old has predicted Couzens will suffer greatly behind bars after recently being sentenced to life for kidnapping, raping and murdering Sarah Everard.

He warned: “Wayne Couzens is ticking all the right boxes to have a very hard time in prison.

“He’s a rapist, which we don’t like. He’s a police officer, I’ve got nothing against police officers, but there’s plenty inside that do.

“He will have to be protected, he will be a vulnerable prisoner. He is going to spend the rest of his life in a Category A prison… He is going to be one of the more despised people that goes into prison.”

Jones, from Bristol, added in a TikTok video that Couzens will likely be placed on a wing with paedophiles.

He said: “He deserves everything he gets.

"He abused his position and falsely arrested a defenceless person and he abused that trust and destroyed her life and her family’s life.

“I hope he f*****g suffers, that’s what he deserves and I think he will suffer. He will have to be on a VP wing but I’m pretty sure that won’t be enough.”

Couzens was imprisoned for the rest of his life when he was handed a whole life order for raping, killing and burning the body of 33-year-old Sarah Everard on March 3 this year.

In the wake of the sentencing, the Everard family released a statement that read: "We are very pleased that Wayne Couzens has received a full life sentence and will spend the rest of his life in jail.

"Nothing can make things better, nothing can bring Sarah back, but knowing he will be imprisoned forever brings some relief.

"Sarah lost her life needlessly and cruelly and all the years of life she had yet to enjoy were stolen from her.

"Wayne Couzens held a position of trust as a police officer and we are outraged and sickened that he abused this trust in order to lure Sarah to her death. The world is a safer place with him imprisoned.

"It is almost seven months since Sarah died and the pain of losing her is overwhelming. We miss her all the time.

"She was a beautiful young woman in looks and character and our lives are the poorer without her. We remember all the lovely things about Sarah – her compassion and kindness, her intelligence, her strong social conscience.

"But we especially like to remember her laughing and dancing and enjoying life. We hold her safe in our hearts.

"We are immensely grateful to the police and legal team who worked on Sarah’s case.

"We cannot thank them enough for their meticulous and painstaking work and for their constant support. We also send our heartfelt thanks to our family and friends for comforting us through this terrible time."

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