Spanish police hit British girl with a BATON as she tries to end fight

Spanish police hit British girl with a BATON as she calmly tries to break up an argument in Magaluf

  • Video shows two young men fighting in the street in Magaluf, Majorca
  • A girl who appears to know them, steps in to separate them and calm them
  • Suddenly, Guardia Civil arrives and begin thrashing the trio with batons
  • They do not appear to make efforts to talk to the Brits before hitting them
  • The innocent girl receives at least one hard rap with the police baton 

This is the shocking moment a Spanish police officer hits a young British woman who had been trying to break up a fight between two men in Magaluf, Majorca.

Video footage shows two men, reportedly British, having an argument in the street, with the unnamed young woman stepping in to separate the combatants.

Shortly afterwards, two Civil Guard policemen arrive at the scene and with no audible or visible warning begin hitting all three Brits with their batons.

The innocent young woman is struck with full force and can be heard crying out in pain on the footage, before her male friend is pushed onto the pavement.

Police beating: The young British woman is hit by a Guardia Civil policeman after stepping in to break up a fight in Magaluf, Majorca

The incident was caught on camera by Danielle Finlay Brookes, 22, from Cheshire, who works in the bar across the road from where it took place.

She claims to have witnessed similar behaviour by the Guardia Civil in the past, claiming they are specifically targeting British tourists.

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Authorities on the island have in the past vowed to crack down on rowdy tourists in Magaluf, a town known as a ‘party destination’ among Brits and other Europeans.  

Ms Finlay Brookes says the incident took place at 3.15am on Saturday and began with the two men in white tops squaring off in the street.  

A young woman, believed to be in her late teens, attempt to break the two apart, and puts her arm around one of the men.

Stepping in: The young woman appears to know at least one of the combatants, and can be seen separating them during an argument in the early hours of Saturday

Violence: As she speaks to one of the men, a policeman comes up and starts beating all three of them with his baton, seemingly with no prior warning

She appears to be successful, with the situation notably calming down, when suddenly a Civil Guard officer appears.

He runs over to the trio and hit the men twice with a batons, also striking the girl at least once, despite not being provoked or otherwise forced to use violence.

Another Civil Guard officer runs over, again without provocation, and begins hitting one of the men with the baton.

The other officer then pushes the man with shorts with such he force that he falls backwards to the ground.

Ms Finlay Brookes posted the video to a Facebook group for seasonal Magaluf workers, with a caption across the video reading: ‘Spanish Gardia for you attacking a girl for no reason.’ 

She can be heard speaking in the background, calling the Guardia Civil ‘bang out of f***ing order as usual. They just hit a girl for no reason. They’re f***ing disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. 

Appearing to be speaking to someone off-camera, she adds: ‘Got it on video for once. Got the whole thing on video. They just hit that poor girl. 

‘She’s f***ing crying, she didn’t even do anything, she wasn’t involved.’

Late-night brawl: The policeman then pushes one of the young men in the chest, sending him tumbling backwards in the street

Posting the video online, she added in a caption that she had ‘never had an issue with the Policia Local [local Magaluf police].

‘The Guardia Civil [national military police force] on the other hand is a whole different story.

‘The video shows a British girl who must have only just been eighteen, be attacked by them, no questions asked, and before any other action was taken by the Guardia to calm her friends. 

‘Seems to me that it’s not the tourists giving Magaluf a bad name, it is in fact the people that are meant to “serve and protect” us.’ 

Speaking today Ms Finlay Brookessaid: ‘I actually began recording the video as we found it amusing how petty the fight was.

‘When I began recording the Guardia were nowhere around. They drove down the strip half way through, and instantly jumped from their car and responded like this without even trying to calm the situation first.’  

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