Squirrel 'with very large breasts' sends social media wild after being spotted at Japanese zoo

Snaps of the squirrel went viral, getting over 46,000 shares and more than 139,000 likes on Twitter.

The poster claimed to have found the voluptuous rodent in the squirrel garden at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo.

The photo sparked thousands of replies from fellow social media users.

Many said the animal looks like a real-life version of cartoon character Clarice.

Clarice is the love interest of Disney's famous chipmunks Chip and Dale.

One user wrote: "Are you doing a hand bra…"

Another wrote: "The fact that the breasts have been made, the squirrel will evolve to bipedal soon…"

Other users have pointed out the funny side, by saying: "Ahahahahaha. Thanks needed a good laugh."

Another wrote: "I thought it was Photoshop, but it seems to be the real thing."

Other users are speculating the reason for this squirrel's breats to be so large, with one user saying that: "Squirrels seem to be hibernating since mid-October" which is the reason "they are fat."

The zoo in Inokashira Park is known for its squirrel garden, and the animal is also its mascot.

It specialises in native Japanese, such as birds, raccoons, monkeys in addition to squirrels.

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