St. Louis woman hits cop with her own baton after being told to wear mask

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A woman struck a sheriff’s deputy in St. Louis in the head with her own baton, leaving her with a concussion, after being told she could not enter a gas station without wearing a mask, according to a report.

After walking into the Shell station with her mask in hand late Christmas Day, the woman appeared to exchange words with the 59-year-old deputy, who was working security at the business, KSDK-TV reported.

Dramatic footage posted by a Twitter user shows the officer returning the favor — using the baton to pummel the woman in her car before she manages to drive off after kicking back the cop.

Police said the woman “became belligerent” when the deputy told her she had to wear the mask before entering the station.

“My first response is to express concern for my deputy who suffered head injuries but is expected to recover,” Sheriff Vernon Betts said in a statement, according to KSDK.

“She performed admirably while injured and under duress. Secondly, this incident points to the danger law enforcement officers face every day,” Betts added.

“This individual made a serious mistake and we are working with the St. Louis Police Department to apprehend and bring charges against this attacker,” he said, adding that “this pandemic is not over and you must wear a mask when in public.”

The deputy declined medical attention when first responders arrived.

Police are on the hunt for the attacker.

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