Standing up for lemonade stands

Sometimes a marketing ploy hits a serious chord, and so it is with Country Time Lemonade’s new Legal-Ade fund: It offers free legal help to kids whose lemonade stands get shut down by The Man.

Like the Texas sisters a couple years ago who were shut down for not having a “peddler’s permit” and then fined $150. Or the Maryland kids fined $500. Or the Denver boys who had the police called in on their lemonade-for-75 cents stand.

“To apply, simply upload the image of your child’s permit or fine along with a description of what your lemonade stand means to your child, in his or her own words,” Country Time explains. Through the end of August, the fund will cover costs up to $300, with a total limit of 80 grand.

“You should be able to make and share lemonade with the neighborhood without legal complications,” explains the Legal-Ade site. Indeed.

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