Storm Isaias – Nonverbal autistic girl Eliza Talal, 5, found dead after ‘wandering outside during storm flooding'

THE lifeless body of a missing non-verbal five-year-old girl with autism was found by police, after going missing the day prior as Tropical Storm Isaias battered the region.

After a ground and air search, the body of Eliza Talal was found Wednesday morning by police in Fischer's Park, Pennsylvania, about two miles from her home.

Cops said the five-year-old wandered outside her home on Spring Valley Road in Lansdale during the peak of the storm, as Tropical Storm Isaias caused left destruction along its path.

Police said the girl may have been carried away at the creek behind her home swelled, eventually coming to a rest in a section of Towamencin Creek at Fischer's Park.

Cops launched a desperate search the moment the nonverbal autistic girl vanished from her home in middle of the storm.

Police feared she may have been at “special risk” of harm as she’s nonverbal and autistic.

At the moment she vanished, police released minor details, but didn't know if her disappearance was weather related.


The storm killed at least four people on Tuesday alone, including two deaths at a North Carolina trailer park that was struck by a tornado spun off by hurricane-force winds.

Bertie County Sheriff John Holley told local reporters: “It doesn't look real. It looks like something on TV. There's nothing there.

“Vehicles are turned over. Vehicles are piled on top of each other. It's just very sad.”

A large tree also fell on a car and killed the driver in Mechanicsville, North Carolina.

And a man in the New York City borough of Queens became the fourth fatality when a tree crushed a car he was inside, local authorities said.

The storm also knocked out power to more than 2.8million homes and businesses from New York to North Carolina, according to electric companies.

New York City, much of New Jersey, all of Massachusetts and other parts of New England all went under a tornado watch.

New York state officials temporarily shut down coronavirus testing centers as a precaution.

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