Stripper who broke jaw in fall from pole may never twerk again

She’s never going to twerk again.

The Dallas stripper who broke her jaw in a 15-foot drop from a pole will likely never grace the stage again, sources close to her told TMZ.

Genea Sky’s fall from the pole at XTC Caberet Dallas on Monday has left her “scared to death” and contemplating leaving the industry, the sources told the gossip site.

She’s also hoping to use her viral fame to improve the lives of other exotic dancers, but she’s not sure how best to go about it, according to the report.

The dancer broke her jaw and suffered other injuries in the fall, she said in an Instagram post earlier this week.

“I pretty much broke my jaw and I have to have surgery on it,” Genea said in the post.

“I broke some teeth and I got a sprained an ankle. But aside from I got some stitches, but aside from that I’m good. I have no broken limbs, I walked away myself. I got up right after it happened.”

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