Stunning map reveals majority of Britons feel unsafe at night – safest EU nations revealed

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Nighttime is the least safe time of day in most countries, as criminals use the cover of darkness to their advantage. Over the last few decades, officials have brightened darker areas with street lamps and worked to deter would-be offenders with overnight patrols. But the latest data reveals some of the world’s richest countries have failed to help their residents feel safe.

The UK, Ireland and several other first world nations have the lowest levels of perceived safety at night.

Data from Numbeo, a crowd-sourced database of house prices and crime rates, has found just 44.4 percent of Britons feel safe walking after dark.

The figure means a comfortable majority, 55.6 percent, don’t believe they are safe at night.

And it places the UK in the top five countries perceived least safe at night in Europe.

The other four include Belarus, France, Moldova and Sweden.

Only around 40 percent of residents feel safe in these nations, except for Belarus, where satisfaction has dropped far below.

The data shows Sweden is just behind the UK with 43.8 percent, followed by Moldova with 41.3 percent.

France has the second-lowest concentration of satisfied residents on 40.3 percent.

Belarus is the least safe country in Europe, according to Numbeo users, where a significant minority reported feeling safe at night.

Only 32.3 percent feel confident on the streets during nighttime, meaning 67.7 percent don’t.

Belgium, Ireland, Ukraine, Italy and Greece are other countries where most residents fear nighttime strolls.

In these countries, 45.8, 46.6, 46.9, 48.2, and 49.3 percent feel safe, respectively.

Everywhere else, the majority of people feel safe when walking at night.

Most countries perceived as safest when alone at night are in a bloc within Central Europe.

The safest country among them, according to Numbeo, is Slovenia.

Most residents living there are satisfied with their nighttime safety, with 78.4 percent reporting so.

The second safest country in Europe, according to its citizens, is Croatia, on Slovenia’s southern border.

There, a total of 77.4 percent of people feel safe enough when out at night.

Switzerland is just behind Slovenia, bordering France and Italy with among the lowest rates, on 74.2 percent.

The Czech Republic is the last country with more than 70 percent satisfaction.

Up to 71.7 percent of locals told Numbeo they feel safe walking alone there at night.

The remaining European nations have satisfaction rates between 50.1 percent (Russia) and 69.1 percent (Cyprus and Denmark).

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