Subtle ‘hand’ clue newborns use to show they’re hungry – and when they’re full

Sweet as they are, newborn babies love to make life a guessing game.

It's not their fault: They only have a limited range ways of trying to convey countless messages.

Hunger, wind, pain, feeling the cold, wanting to be held – it takes a while to get to know what your baby needs from you and when.

With hunger, though, as well as crying , there may be a body-language clue which can help parents, and it's to do with your baby's hands.

Melbourne-based fertility nurse Cate Wade, who is a midwife educator at the  Tiny Hearts Foundation , shared the organisation's post which shows about how children use their hands to express themselves.

"Studies have shown that when a newborn is hungry, their hands will be in a tight, fist-like gesture.

"As they progress into their feed, their hands will start to loosen, resulting in a relaxed palm. This means they have had enough of the good stuff and are full."

That said, the organisation did warn that children's body language may differ depending on the child. Hence the newborn baby guessing game.

Other hunger cues parents can look out for are, according to Cate, suddenly stirring from sleep or starting to gurgle, as well as suddenly increasing physical activity like kicking their legs or waving their arms.

Another big indicator is: "Opening their mouth and turning their head from side to side 'seeking' their mother's breast […]"

If you're baby is bottle fed, listen out for the moment when they stop sucking on the bottle, as this shows they're full.

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