Suspect in Manhattan park attack spree an ex-con with history of assaulting women

The man busted for a series of attacks on women in Inwood Hill Park was arrested for a similar assault on a woman in Texas, law enforcement sources told The Post on Saturday.

Elvis Nina Pichardo, 40, was busted in New York Friday after allegedly threatening to sexually assault two women in the Upper Manhattan park Wednesday and hitting a third with a tree branch while “continually slamming her head into the ground,” according to police.

He allegedly tried to pull her pants down and rape her, police said.

Pichardo — who was awaiting arraignment Saturday on charges including attempted rape, attempted criminal sexual act, sexually motivated assault, robbery and public lewdness — had been released from prison in Huntsville, TX on May 6 following his 2007 arrest and conviction in Waco, TX, records show.

He was accused of randomly targeting an 18-year-old woman, threatening and then attacking her, Texas law enforcement sources said.

Pichardo, who was carrying a box cutter, was charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual abuse, according to sources and records. He was convicted in 2008.

The attacks in Manhattan began Wednesday morning when he was alleged to have approached a 34-year old woman and threatened to rape her before hitting her head and taking her iPhone, cops said.

A short time later, he was accused of threatening to assault a 40-year-old woman and also demanding her phone before she was able run off, according to police.

The third victim was taken to Harlem Hospital with head trauma.

Pichardo was living in the Bronx. He was originally arrested on a separate public lewdness charge in Chinatown.

Additional reporting by Georgett Roberts

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