Teen claims sheriff threatened to arrest her for posting on Instagram that she had coronavirus after Disney World trip – The Sun

A teen says a Wisconsin sheriff threatened to arrest her for revealing she had coronavirus on Instagram after a Disney World trip, court documents say.

Amyiah Cohoon, 16, claims Marquette County Sheriff Joseph Konrath violated her First Amendment rights by threatening to book her if she didn't delete the COVID-19 posts, according to filings.

The Westfield School District sophomore fell ill with virus symptoms after a trip to Orlando, Florida with her high school's band class on March 15.

“I am finally home after being hospitalized for a day and a half," Amyiah wrote in a March 26 post along with a picture of her wearing an oxygen mask.

"I am still on breathing treatment but have beaten the coronavirus. Stay home and be safe."

Court documents say the next day, Sheriff Konrath sent Sgt. Cameron Klump to Amyiah’s home where he threatened to arrest her and her parents for disorderly conduct if the posts weren't taken down.

Klump said the sheriff told him to demand Amyiah delete this post and if they did not, to "start taking people to jail," the complaint stated

The Cohoons were told on March 26 Amyiah tested negative – but her attorney said medics think she probably had the virus but missed the diagnosis window.

They reportedly contacted the school and Amyiah's band teachers in an effort to warn other families

A lawsuit on behalf of Amyiah and her parents, Richand and Angela, was filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Liberty and Law in Green Bay Federal Court Thursday.

Samuel Hall, attorney for the sheriff and the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department, said one was threatened with arrest and there would be an “aggressive defense," however.

Hall maintained Amyiah's post caused alarm at her school and local cops were acting at the request of school health officials.

But Cohoons' lawsuit seeks nominal damages and to prove the social media posts were protected free speech.

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