Teen girl walks into school before ‘firing crossbow at teachers and students’

A teenage girl stormed a school before shooting at two teachers with a crossbow and firing randomly into other classes, foreign media reports.

The 19-year-old, who has been pictured but not identified, was allegedly trying to kill one of the teachers at the school in the city of Poltava, central Ukraine.

She is believed to have entered the building around 10am on September 6, injuring the two staff members.

One of them was left with a crossbow bolt through the hand, and the other suffered unspecified injuries, local news outlet Ostro reports.

The girl also allegedly entered several classrooms while smoking a cigarette and fired randomly, according to Rbk Ukraina.

She had reportedly studied at the school but was no longer a pupil there at the time of the incident.

Responding police officers found the girl to be mentally distressed, with cuts on her hands.

She is reportedly being tested for the presence of alcohol and drugs in her blood.

The 19-year-old is also being investigated for attempted murder.

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She was detained and questioned by investigators, according to a statement issued by the police.

It is currently unclear what her motive was and whether any of the school's pupils were injured.

Back in April, a mum told how a crossbow maniac killed her boyfriend and shot her in the head when she was five months pregnant.

Deranged neighbour Anthony Lawrence broke in through the shared loft of his and Laura Sugden’s semi-detached houses and lay in wait for his victim and partner Shane Gilmer in January 2018.

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He then launched a murderous attack, killing Shane and shooting Laura in the head before leaving them for dead.

Amazingly, she and her unborn­ child survived the attack in the village of Southburn, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Laura said the birth of now two-year-old daughter Ella "healed my heart" after Shane died in front of her.

Lawrence fled the scene and later died from a drugs overdose.

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