Teen who was 'forced to give high school sports star oral sex' sues school after SHE is the one who is expelled

A TEENAGE student claims she was expelled after a star athlete at her high school forced her to give him oral sex.

The victim, whose identity is being kept secret as she is 15, was attending Cousino High School in Michigan when the alleged incident happened.

According to a lawsuit, it took place in May 2015, and the teen, referred to as Jane Doe is suing the Warren Consolidated Schools district.

She claims they violated her rights, sexually discriminated against her and she wasn't given staff to liaise with who had been trained to deal with sexual assault allegations.

The star athlete student, who was then 18, was on the basketball, football and track teams.

According to the lawsuit which was filed on Monday, Jane Doe was asked if she wanted to go to his car with him "to chill."

She claims that when they got to his motor he locked the doors and demanded oral sex.

The lawsuit said: "Jane Doe started to comply with John Roe's demand, but then told him it was 'gross' and that she wanted to stop.

"John Roe said, 'oh well,' and then he forcibly pushed Jane Doe's head down toward his lap and forced her mouth onto his p***s."

Jane Doe has taken the law suit out because of how the school dealt with the incident.

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Two days after it happened, the assistant principal called the girl in and said there was video proof she had left during school hours.

It was then the teen said she had tried to get away when the male student had forced himself on her.

In the documents it alleges the assistant principal then suggested the girl invited unwanted attention because of the way she dressed.

The teen then went to see a counselor where she was told she could get expelled.

She had to fill out a witness statement without her parents present. She was then told later she couldn't come back to school.

The boy graduated, and went on to college, while the girl was expelled "without any further investigation or inquiry."

The lawsuit is asking for compensation and punitive damages, as the girl had to finish studies online and attend an alternative school, as well as have mental health counselling.

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