Temperatures in NYC could hit zero this weekend

“Game of Thrones” may not return until April, but winter is coming to New York City this weekend — with up to half a foot of snow expected and temperatures tumbling as low as zero.

Flakes are expected to start falling late Saturday before turning to rain on Sunday, according to Tuesday’s forecast.

“Best-case scenario, there’s a quick change over to rain and we get about an inch [of snow],” said Accuweather meteorologist Tom Kines. “If it stays with snow longer, we’ll get between 4 to 6 inches.”

During the day Sunday, we could see up to an inch of rain.

Any leftover puddles or piles of snow are sure to turn to icy hazards as temperatures dip into the single digits and possibly down to zero Sunday evening, with wind chills well into the negatives.

“Everything that’s wet will freeze up,” Kines warned. “If we get a 6-inch snowfall, that would freeze solid Sunday evening and Sunday night.”

“Your best bet is to move [the snow] out of the way Sunday morning because of the threat of flash freeze,” Kines added. “Once it freezes, you’re not moving it.”

The mercury will stay in the single digits and there’ll be brutal winds lashing at commuters Monday morning.

“It’s just gonna feel nasty out there,” Kines said.

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