Terrified dogs howl in their cages as they’re forced to watch other pooches being butchered and barbecued for a wedding in Cambodia

The shocking clip even shows heartless locals in Cambodia roasting one pooch over an open fire.

But thankfully the harrowing footage ends with an animal charity rescuing several of the pups before they were taken to a slaughterhouse in nearby Siem Reap.

Sound of Animals CEO Michael Chour, 48, who filmed the footage, said: “These dogs were in a slaughterhouse, so death was their fate had they not been rescued.

“The dogs are now ready to be adopted from our shelter in Thailand. One of them turned out to be pregnant and gave birth to five puppies.

"It was a bittersweet feeling rescuing these dogs but having to leave the rest. But it's our priority to bridge the gap between us and the butchers.

"The barbecue video was from inside a village in Osmach, where a family was barbecuing a dog carcass for a wedding.

"This is very common in Cambodia, but that doesn't make it any easier to see.

"For me, dogs are like children, it's very hard to accept."

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