Terror aboard flight after it skids across runway before crash landing in flames

Over 100 plane passengers began frantically running up the aisle as it burst into flames after crash landing at Miami Airport, a woman says.

Paola Garcia experienced the horror onboard a Dominican Red Air flight that skidded along the runway and smashed through an airport building and tower on Tuesday.

The plane was carrying 126 passengers from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Miami, US, when it landed horribly at 5.38pm.

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Paola told Wesh 2 news how she thought the vehicle was about to explode with everyone inside, she said: "We were bumping like side to side and all the windows like, break.

"Everything's fine and then people start running and running and running. And I like jump and I start running because it was fire and all that, and I thought it was going to explode."

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the terrifying incident was the result of the jet's landing gear collapsing and so instead of wheels meeting tarmac, it was the aircraft's belly.

Fortunately no deaths or serious injuries have been reported from the landing.

Passenger, Yamil Elneser told CBS News: "The wheel on the left side, it blow away, and we felt like the airplane go to the left and it started shaking very, very hard and then the airplane went off the runway and we saw the flames."

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Fellow passenger, Balo Delgado said a mas sense of panic broke out on the aircraft until firefighters swiftly tackled the blaze.

He told CBS Miami: "Panic, almost panic. it was a terrible experience, actually, but like I said I feel safe. It happened like one minute and then you could see all the officers through the window doing their jobs."

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Images of the aftermath show the silver jet's nose ripped off as black smoke pours from its flaming rear and passengers escape on foot.

Firefighters doused the burning wing with flame-retardant foam which in aerial shots can be seen swamping the plane.

A spokesperson for Miami Airport said that flights were delayed due to the crash.


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