Tesco shopper horrified after discovering dead LOCUST in bag of watercress

A TESCO shopper was left horrified after spotting a dead locust in a bag of watercress.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, found the insect in a bag of greens in the Ben Travers Way store in Burnham-on-Sea.

During a grocery shop, the man picked up the bag of watercress and threw it in his basket.

It was then that he noticed something unusual in the plastic bag.

On a closer inspection, he spotted that the brown colour wasn't an old salad leaf but a large insect.

He said: “It was a shock to spot the locust inside through the plastic bag.

"It was quite a large, dead insect – about two inches long."

Shocked by what he had spotted, the shopper found the nearest member of staff to tell them of the dead locust.

“I was heading to the tills when I spotted it and told a member of the staff who apologised and took away the offending bag," he said.


"I was offered a replacement, but declined.”

“I guess Tesco produces millions of bags of these products every year so I can fully understand how this must happen every now and then.”

“I just wanted to alert local shoppers to check their watercress before tucking in just in case there are more surprises.”

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We were sorry to hear about this.

"Every effort is taken to minimise the risk of insects in our watercress, including inspections throughout the production process and at the packaging stage.”

“Only on extremely rare occasions do insects avoid detection.”

This isn't the first time a creepy crawly was spotted in a Tesco food item.

Back in 2017, a horrified Tesco customer spotted bugs crawling in a bowl of porridge oats her nan had just poured out for breakfast.

Rachel Carter, from Wigan, posted a video she filmed of the creepy crawlies moving through the oats to Tesco's Facebook page.

About ten beetles can be seen scurrying around the bowl containing Tesco's East Oats.

Another Tesco customer, Rory Hanlon, captured footage of small beetles writhing between the grains of brown rice on video.

Mr Hanlon told the Sun Online that he was "disgusted" by the find – with it ruining the rest of his food.

He said: "I was quite confused because I originally saw it when I cooking the rice and wondered what these black spots were.

"After I realised that they were bugs I looked in the bag of rice and saw that there was loads of bugs and I was really disgusted that this could happen."

The Sun Online has contacted Tesco for comment.

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