The best viral moments of 2019, from Area 51 to Baby Yoda

Despite the news cycle being downright depressing at times, 2019 was #blessed with many moments that helped us forget — if only for a little while.

We sparked joy with Marie Kondo, raised brows at the Cats movie trailer, grooved with Kermit and freed Quilty the cat from solitary confinement. Some of us stormed Area 51, while others athletically kicked off bottle caps and applauded Fiji Water Girl for seizing her 15 minutes of fame by the Globes horns.

Whatever tickled our personal fancies this year, there were certainly 365 days chock-full of hilarious, shocking and just plain weird moments.

Here are the top viral moments of 2019.

Dead man pranks funeral-goers with prerecorded message

An Irish man who died in October wanted to have the last laugh and recorded hilarious audio of him shouting “Let me out!” as he was being lowered into the grave.

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