‘The Federalist’ Writer Bre Payton’s Cause Of Death Possibly The Flu

The Federalist writers and editors are mourning the sudden death of one of their colleagues this weekend as staff writer Bre Payton pass away after falling into a coma today. Payton was just 26-years-old at the time of her passing.

While there has yet to be an official statement confirming her cause of death, her Caring Bridge page reports doctors concluded she was suffering from “the H1N1 flu and possibly meningitis” at the time of her passing.

“Around 8:30, on December 27th, Bre’s friend went into her room and found her unresponsive and barely breathing. She immediately called 911 and Bre was taken to the hospital where she was admitted to the ICU, sedated & intubated, and doctors began working up a diagnosis,” the page said as it explained what happened to the staff writer leading up to her death.

The Federalist‘s publisher Ben Domenech took to Twitter to ask readers to pray for their staff writer early this morning (December 28th).

“I am asking you all to pray this morning for our own @Bre_payton, who is battling a horrible and sudden medical condition,” he penned in his tweet.

About four hours after Domenech took to Twitter, Morgan Murtaugh, Payton’s friend who discovered her, thanked everyone for their support before announcing Bre had passed away.

“Thank you everyone for your prayers. It is with a heavy heart that I type this. Unfortunately Bre has passed. Please send prayers to her family. Rest in paradise you beautiful soul,” she penned in her tweet.

An hour before her death was confirmed her boyfriend, Ryan Colby, took to Instagram seeking prayers for Bre.


Following her sudden and tragic passing, her friends and co-workers have taken to social media to pay tribute. Among the tributes includes Meghan McCain who had previously asked her Twitter followers for prayers on Payton’s behalf before she passed away.

“Ben and I are absolutely gutted and horrified by this news. Our prayers for @Bre_payton and her family. We are less without her – in every possible way. A wonderful, fearless, vibrant, intelligent young woman. Sending prayers to all of her family and friends during this darkness,” McCain penned in her tweet.

According to the Mayo Clinic, H1N1 (also known as swine flu) typically only requires treatments of the symptoms as it is only considered fatal in rare cases.

In addition to all of her colleagues at The Federalist, Payton is survived by her four siblings and both her parents, George and Cindy.

Rest in peace Bre Payton.

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