The panties-munching cop plot thickens

The NYPD detective who says he was sexually harassed by his raunchy female sergeant boss was caught on camera wearing and gripping a prop penis while standing next to her at a Halloween bash, according to a photo obtained exclusively by The Post.

Brooklyn Detective Victor Falcon — who griped that he was “humiliated” by Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra’s X-rated on-the-job antics, which included her saying he had “a little d–k” and shoving her dirty panties in his mouth — was dressed as a flasher when he posed in his long underwear and flaunted the plastic junk two years ago, law enforcement sources said.

Guerra — who was close pals with Falcon and not his boss at the time, sources said — is seen smiling next to him, dressed as a sexy Roman soldier.

The pair were partying together at a precinct bash on a boat two years ago with more than 100 cops, according to a source.

“They were really good friends back when they were cops together. They worked close together but not in any romantic way,’’ the source said of Guerra and her now-accuser.

“Her husband was there” at the party, the source added.

In a complaint filed with the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office earlier this month, Falcon claimed that Guerra — who has since risen to second-in-command at the 72nd Precinct Detectives Squad in Sunset Park — rubbed her dirty lacy thong in his face after he complained that she left her undies scattered around a unisex bathroom.

A law-enforcement source said Tuesday that when Guerra arrived to work at the precinct after the allegation surfaced, she turned to a female pal while signing in and jokingly said, “I’m going to have to sell my panties to pay for my lawyer fees.”

Falcon also said Guerra subjected him to crude stories about her wild, dildo-centric bedroom escapades.

The two cops had previously worked the same detail at the 72nd Precinct, until she left for a Staten Island precinct, sources said. She then returned to the 72nd Precinct a little over a year ago and became Falcon’s boss, sources said.

The foul-mouthed sarge — who is now under investigation by the NYPD, authorities said Tuesday — has irked other officers with her self-righteousness and man-hating rants, law enforcement sources said.

‘’She’s got a truck-driver mouth and thinks she is always right. She can never be wrong,” a source said.

“The kind of person she is, being on the front page of the paper wouldn’t bother her,” the source said, referencing The Post’s Page One story about the panties drama Tuesday. “She’s always right and sure of herself.’’

Guerra’s alleged raunchy on-the-job behavior — which Falcon says amounts to discrimination and sexual harassment — is being investigated by the NYPD, Commissioner James O’Neill said at a press conference Tuesday.

“We have an expectation at NYPD that everyone acts professionally and that is currently under investigation,” O’Neill said.

He said NYPD probers are “taking these allegations one at a time to make sure they’re properly investigated.”

Falcon has since caught flak on social media from peers who chalked the underwear incident up to exaggerated locker-room antics that are part of cop culture, a police source said.

But Falcon’s lawyer says Guerra should have already been yanked from her position by now.

“Why hasn’t the NYPD or the city of New York removed this sergeant from the precinct and away from my client, who has alleged in an internal complaint that he was subject to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment?” Falcon’s lawyer, Paul Liggieri, told The Post on Tuesday. “One would think that the NYPD or the city of New York would take action to separate the two.”

He said Falcon was subjected to discrimination based on his gender and that the city should protect him from the hostile work environment.

“We need new policies. What is going on? Where is the call to action for the city of New York?” Liggieri said.

Another lawyer for Falcon, Seamus Barrett, said he is working on filing a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“We’re trying to get that as soon as possible,” he said.

A source familiar with the case added of Falcon, “He has support from other officers. They see what’s going on with regard to the situation.”

Additional reporting by Tina Moore, Sydney Denmark and Natalie O’Neill

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