The Queen has fish and chips with a ‘refined’ twist according to her former chef

A former chef to The Queen herself has explained the "refined" way Her Royal Highness requested fish and chips.

Darren McGrady says instead of cooking the fish by coating it in batter and deep-frying in lard or oil, Her Majesty likes it coated in breadcrumbs and baked.

Darren served as the Queen’s personal chef at Buckingham Palace between the 1980s to the 1990s and recalls many quirks about the royal pallet.

Talking on his YouTube channel about The Queen's tastes, he said: "Fish fried in all that crispy rich batter was a little bit too much for her, she preferred a more refined fish and chips."

According to Darren, Her Majesty liked her chips cut into "rectangles" and "stacked like a Jenga tower".

Even more curiously, The Queen is not a fan of the traditional tartare sauce and prefers a super-rich condiment of tarragon hollandaise made from "90% butter".

Another staple not included on the Queen's plate is mushy peas and she's certainly not got gravy or curry sauce on there either.

The video was "liked" more than 11,000 times and people debated if it's better to go traditional or royal for a fish supper.

One person commented: "Did the Queen ever play Jenga with her chips when you stacked them up like that?"

"Looks amazing but if you served me fish and chips with only six chips I’d be fuming," joked a second.

A third suggested: "The Queen doesn't know what she's missing: beer-battered cod, deep-fried chips, mushy peas, salt, vinegar, scraps. Can't beat it."

Someone else shared: "I made this dish tonight… It was absolutely delicious. I want to put that tarragon hollandaise on everything!"

In another video, Darren revealed The Queen enjoyed the traditional Victorian dish of smoked kedgeree for breakfast and did a demonstration of how to cook it perfectly.

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