These cheeky spoof photos of the ‘royals’ show a very different side to Prince Harry and Prince William

Her use of incredibly accurate lookalikes has brought to us the delights of Prince George’s first Christmas, the Queen enjoying breakfast in bed, and the Duchess of Cornwall giving the corgis a scrub down.

Now it’s the turn of Princes William and Harry to show off their cheeky side as Jackson’s creativity lets us imagine what life for the Royal brothers could be like behind closed doors.

The best of the bunch shows Prince William protecting his modesty with just a towel as he and younger brother Harry gallivant in the changing rooms following a victory in the polo.

The saucy what-if photo is part of a collection the famous photographer will talk through as she takes her work to the stage for the very first time.

Jackson uses her infamous gallery to create a fake reality around the 21st century obsession with the world of celebrity, asking the viewer to decide if they are “Fake News or Alternative Facts”.

Alison Jackson: Shot To Fame runs at Leicester Square Theatre in London from October 16 to 20.

The show will feature Jackson talking through her most famous and memorable works, and how they were created.

She will also give a deeper insight as to what happens during shooting, revealing the behind-the-scenes secrets capturing the moments that the rich and famous would rather keep firmly behind closed doors.

Tickets can be snapped up via the box office or








While Jackson’s work often features members of the Royal Family, they aren’t the only ones targeted by the world’s best spoofer.

Celebrities and politicians like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama and Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have all been “captured on camera” doing what they do best – causing chaos.

Singers Katie Perry and Rihanna have also been immortalised in the Alison Jackson gallery, alongside Royal household favourite Elton John.

While these images are all spoofs, they add a touch of normality to what is often a very closed off world.


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