These hilarious seduction fails prove not everyone can pull off a sexy snap

Whether it's compromising backgrounds, unwelcome visitors, or simply outfits that don't hit the right tone, everyone in this collection has made a shocking mistake.

Things are getting saucy here!

Always check your background

He would have posed elsewhere, but he was two tired

He didn't nail it

Dangerous woman

Elvis lives!

Nurse Ratched, anyone?

Mind the drop

They're definitely a pair of cold fish


Only tense below the neck

I bet he's a cheater

Everything's on the table with this one

She looks grape…

Injured duck face?

The apple of his eye

Hello Kitty

Bert – when the cameras go off

Sexy, and keeping up with current affairs

He lived appley ever after

Grandma's tired of her posing

We don't know why so many of these men chose to pose with cats?

I guess she couldn't find a vase

The kid ruins the mood

She was on a roll

She's one in a melon

A whole new meaning to the phrase "catfished"

Can a man not get a moment's peace?

We've PV-seen enough

Do we believe him?

It's just a bit trash-y

Barely Cage-d

That's going to stain

It's not about what you show, it's about what you conceal

I think she's making a political statement about the state of the roads

She's ready to slay

Things are about to pop off

Until you're hit by the cold water

He'll drive you bananas

We've heard of a honey trap


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