This is where ex tropical Storm Ernesto is going to have most impact in UK

Tropical storm Ernesto will batter parts of Britain this weekend bringing rain and gusts of up to 40 mph this weekend.

But as these forecast graphics show, some parts of the country are going to be worst hit than others.

The storm is currently making its way over the Atlantic and is set to lose its storm status by the time it reaches the UK.

However Ernesto will still bring heavy rain and winds set to hit on Saturday and last into Sunday.


The north of the country is set to be hit hardest with heavy rain and strong winds.

Up to a centimetre of rain could fall in Ireland and central and southern Scotland overnight.

Parts of Wales and northern England will see scattered showers with some parts getting up to 15mm of rain overnight on Saturday and into Sunday lunchtime.

Northern England can also expect windy conditions on Saturday. Further south winds will be lighter, with patches of warm sunshine.

On Sunday heavy rain is again expected in the north of England.

To the south wind speeds will be more moderate with wind speeds of close to 20 mph although some gusts could peak at 40 mph in parts of Wales and southwestern England.

Temperature wise it will feel colder with temperatures hovering around the low to mid-20s.

In the south and the south east it will feel milder and slightly more humid with possible highs of 25C.

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Uncertainty remains over the exact path and timings of the storm, which should mainly fizzle out by the time it reaches the UK.

A spokesperson for The Weather Channel said: “There are still some differences between the models in the timing and details of this area of low pressure, and therefore this forecast is subject to minor changes.”

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