Thug batters girlfriend’s dad at her 21st party then does runner to Spain

An arrest warrant has been issued after a thug from Leeds fled to Spain after brutally attacking his girlfriend's dad.

Joshua Tiernan, 21, of Broad Lane, Bramley, was said to have left his victim looking "like someone from the Rocky movie" after kicking him in the head, at his girlfriend's 21st birthday party in November 2018.

He was sentenced to 27 months in prison, alongside his friend Liam Sullivan, 23, who got eight months for his part in the assault, but has managed to evade jail because he is in Spain, Leeds Crown Court heard.

The attack took place on November 25, 2018 outside Yeadon Liberal Club, leaving the victim covered in blood, the court heard. Leeds Crown Court heard the pair had been asked to leave a barbecue the previous summer due to a confrontation.

LeedsLive report prosecutor Nick Adlington said the victim arrived at the club after 9pm on November 25, 2018.

The victim greeted his daughter and her friends then went to the bar, where Sullivan approached him and asked him if he remembered making threats to him the previous summer.

The victim asked Sullivan not to create any problems at his daughter's party but Sullivan threw glances at him for the rest of the evening.

As people were leaving at around 11.30pm, the victim's nephew heard shouting outside the club and ran out to see Sullivan had his uncle in a headlock on the ground.

Tiernan kicked him once on the side of the head and tried to kick him again but the victim's nephew intervened.

Mr Adlington said both defendants appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

He said the victim was bleeding profusely, had a swollen right eye, cheek and jaw and 'looked like someone from the Rocky movie'.

Both defendants left and were stopped by police as they walked down the high street due to blood on their clothing.

The pair told the officers they had fought with each other and another person who they did not know and were allowed to go.

The victim was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where he was told he had a fractured eye socket and cheekbone.

He needed to have surgery on his eye socket.

In a statement read to the court, the victim said he suffers from life-changing injuries including headaches, blurred vision and possible nerve damage to the right side of his face.

Tiernan, of Broad Lane, Bramley, and Sullivan, of Town Street, Bramley, both pleaded guilty to affray.

The pair have previous convictions, including in relation to an offence of aggravated vehicle taking which was committed together.

Christopher Dunn, mitigating for Tiernan, said his client was absent from the sentencing hearing as he is currently in Spain.

He said Tiernan only kicked the victim in the head once.

Philip Morris, mitigating for Sullivan, said both defendants had helped set up the party the evening before.

He said his client, who was in a relationship with the birthday girl's best friend, had not been expecting to attend the party due to the incident at the barbecue the previous year.

Mr Morris said Sullivan had a difficult time after his own father took his own life by overdosing on heroin and he self-medicates with alcohol.

As Sullivan was sent down, he said to two women who were sitting in the public gallery: "I love you both. It'll be alright."

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