Thursday's UK weather forecast – mostly cloudy and dry with sunny spells in the south after fog clears

Most of parts of Britain will be dry and cloudy with a chance of drizzle on western hills.

UK weather forecast for 6am on Thursday December 27

UK weather forecast for 3pm on Thursday December 27


UK outlook for Friday December 28 to Sunday December 3

FRIDAY will be mostly dry but cloudy with more mist and fog in the south.

The north will be hit by unsettled weather with rain and strong winds at times, but temperatures will be mild.

UK outlook for Saturday December 29 to Thursday January 24

ON New Year's Eve, it'll likely be rain and across the north and northwest with good, dry weather in the south.

The same pattern of weather is likely to continue during the first week of January.

Temperatures will be mild but they'll slowly drop.

The second week of January will probably be settled across the south whilst changeable in the north.

Mid-January will see an increased likelihood of frost, snow and fog.

UK surface pressure forecast for 12pm Thursday

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