Toddler found dead with ‘unspeakable injuries’ on car hood after 'being beaten by mom's con artist boyfriend'

A MICHIGAN man allegedly beat a toddler to death and critically injured his twin brother after pretending to be a child-loving family man.

One of the children was found with "unspeakable injuries" and died, while the other had a broken hip, broken nose and bleeding on the brain, according to the twins' uncle.

 Zyaire Reed, who was just one, was found unconscious on the hood of a car in Ecorse after police responded to a call at 4am in late July.

For the previous three months, twins Zyaire and Zion lived with their mother Lisa Reed, and her boyfriend James Gibson at an apartment on 7th Street in Ecorse.

Police said the boys' mom, Lisa Reed, was taken into custody. Her boyfriend James Gibson had fled the home, located 12 miles south of Detroit.

"The live-in boyfriend decided to leave, took the family vehicle, and did not return," Inspector Timothy Sassak of Ecorse police said.

Gibson was found, after a 12-hour manhunt, at a residence about 25 miles away and is now facing first-degree child abuse charges.

"This is the worst I've ever seen," Sassak added.

Previous charges against Gibson, according to online court documents, include larceny, armed robbery, carjacking, fleeing from police, and concealing and receiving a stolen motor vehicle.

Reed's sister said that Reed is autistic and was manipulated by Gibson.

“This sicko manipulated my sister and played a very narcissistic role in making himself seem like the ‘father of the year’ while doing this disgusting thing," Jennifer Reed told CrimeOnline.

"He is a manipulating sociopath that took advantage of a situation and committed a displace, incomprehensible, disgusting and vile thing,” she continued, adding that her sister was sleeping while Zyaire was being beaten.

Reed is also facing child abuse charges.

The boys' grandmother Susan Williams-Bawol started a donation page to raise funds for Zyaire's funeral.

"His life was taking [sic] at the hands of a monster," she said.

"I don't even know what to say here, I am so lost and hurt."

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