Tourist plunges 130ft from cliff after trying to get the 'perfect photo' by doing backflip right on edge in Bali | The Sun

A TOURIST plunged 130ft from a cliff while posing for the "perfect photo" with his tour guide.

Alvalino Kesanda, 27, reportedly was taking photos near the edge when he attempted a somersault while on a trip in Bali.

He missed his landing and ended up plunging down onto the rocks and below.

The Bali Sun reports the tourist was trying to get the "perfect photo".

But by a miracle the man, from Indonesia, survived his fall – but was left with a broken arm, leg and bleeding heavily.

With the tide rushing in however, what followed was an urgent effort to save his life.


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Footage from the scene shows the unidentified many lying on a beach as the waves crash in.

Rescuers managed to reach his location by boat but could not go ashore due to the rocky conditions and waves.

Other emergency services workers then managed to rappel down the cliff with a stretcher.

Rescue boss Gede Darmada told Detik Bali: "We gave initial treatment to reduce bleeding from leg and hand injuries.

"The victim was pulled up using a stretcher."

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Videos shared online show the man writing around on the sand as he clutches his leg and was soaked by waves.

“He’s broken his leg and his arm and how the f*** he survived, I can’t tell you," says someone off screen.

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