Traffic warden slaps ticket on police car while officers help ‘vulnerable’ man

A traffic warden has been filmed slapping a parking ticket on a police car as on-duty officers helped a ‘vulnerable’ man nearby.

In video footage, taken in Nottinghamshire, the warden can be seen placing the ticket on the vehicle’s windscreen as a female officer approaches him.

With one hand holding a phone to her ear, the uniformed officer appears to gesture at the man as members of the public look on in shock.

After an exchange, she then walks away – before the warden moves to take pictures of the car and a parking sign just feet away from it.

In the background, a passerby can be heard calling him a "stupid man".

Nottinghamshire Police have confirmed they will be appealing the fine following the incident, which occurred in the town of Beeston on Friday.

The force said the officer was "on duty responding to reports of a vulnerable man in need of assistance, close by to where the police car was parked".

It added that the officer and a colleague spent a further hour with the man to ensure his safety and welfare.

The footage of the warden’s actions was shared on Facebook by user Julie Dawson, who captioned it: "How bad is this in beeston."

It has since been viewed more than 170,000 times.

In the video, the police car can be seen being ticketed outside a shopping centre, with a Wilko store and PureGym visible near it.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesperson told Mirror Online: “We are aware of the video that has featured on social media with a Nottinghamshire Police vehicle being issued a parking ticket while parked in Beeston last Friday.

“The officer was on duty responding to reports of a vulnerable man in need of assistance, close-by to where the police car was parked.

“The officer, and a colleague, spent a further hour with the man to ensure he was safe and well.

“We work closely with Nottinghamshire County Council and an officer spoke to the warden at the time to inform him of the circumstances.

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"We will be appealing the penalty.”

In Nottinghamshire, the Notts Parking Partnership has been set up "to ensure that parking enforcement is provided consistently and fairly across the county".

The partnership has employed NSL Services to supply traffic wardens – known as civil enforcement officers, according to Nottinghamshire County Council.

The partnership consists of the county council, as well as the seven district and borough councils across the region.

Peter Goode, traffic manager for Nottinghamshire County Council, told Mirror Online: “We regret that this penalty notice was issued inappropriately.

"It has been cancelled and the police have been informed.”

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