Trail Ridge Road in RMNP reopens after weather-related closure.

Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park reopened Thursday after shutting down because of wintry weather, ice and snow.

Trail Ridge Road closed at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday because of weather and it remained closed on Wednesday, according to park officials. The road, part of U.S. Highway 34, traverses the park and connects Estes Park, to the east, and Grand Lake, to the west.

The Rock Cut section of the road, at 12,110-feet elevation, iced over and had a snow accumulation. The closure was at Many Parks Curve on the east side and Colorado River Trailhead to the west.

The National Weather Service forecast for the park calls for snow showers this weekend, starting overnight Friday.

Travelers should be aware of the weather and plan ahead as the roads may again close because of inclement weather and safety concerns. Information is available on the Trail Ridge Road hotline at 970-586-1222.

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