Transgender dad identifying as ‘genderfluid non-binary’ will ‘chestfeed’ child

A transgender dad who identifies as ‘genderfluid non-binary’ has given birth to a baby girl – and has spoken about plans to ‘chestfeed’ her.

Scout Barbour-Evans was born as a female but prefers to be referred to by the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘their’ rather than ‘he’ and ‘her’.

And now the 23-year-old, from New Zealand, has spoken of their joy about giving birth and becoming a father for the first time this week.

Scout wrote on Twitter that after a 10-hour long labour at home they gave birth to a baby girl.

Barbour-Evans wrote: "Look what Santa brought me this year!

"She arrived last Wednesday.

"She’s perfect and I’m in love, but we’re still adjusting to life with each other so we aren’t taking visitors or many calls."

Speaking about their decision to have a home birth, they added: "It was pretty magic but very fast and rough on my body.

"Even if I’d wanted a hospital birth I wouldn’t have managed to get there."

Scout also revealed that they would be ‘chest-feeding’ the baby.

The first-time-parent added that they would not be raising their daughter with gender-neutral pronouns as it can be confusing for people to use.

NZ News reports that Barbour-Evans was the first trans person to run for mayor.

The publication added that the new father began their transition two years ago however this was put on hold so that they could become pregnant.

After trying to conceive with the assistance of a sperm donor, Scout finally fell pregnant a few months after having a double mastectomy.

Barbour-Evans previously told Stuff: "Not being able to take my testosterone and anxiety and sleep medication meant that during the first trimester I was having those four-hour long panic attacks but it did normalise and settle as my body got used to it."

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