Trial set for man accused of shooting wife in Peterborough Home Depot parking lot

A four-week trial has been set for a Peterborough-area man who is accused of fatally shooting his wife inside their vehicle outside a Home Depot last summer.

Terrance Finn, 74, was charged with first-degree murder of his wife Sandra after police allege he shot her inside their vehicle which was parked outside a Home Depot on the morning of Aug 22, 2018. She died later that day at a Toronto hospital, police said.

Finn, a resident of Westwood in Asphodel-Norwood Township just outside Peterborough, was arrested at the scene.

Witnesses told Global Peterborough Finn had a gun and placed it on the hood of a vehicle and waited for police to arrive.

Since his arrest, Finn has made multiple court appearances, initially claiming he wanted to plead guilty and then later claiming he wanted to represent himself at a trial.

A judicial pretrial in Newmarket, Ont., earlier this week scheduled a pretrial appearance on May 14 and a one-week pretrial for Finn in September.

A four-week trial is scheduled in Peterborough Superior Court beginning Jan. 6, 2020.

Sandra Finn, 71, was a mother of two and longtime resident of Omemee, just west of Peterborough.

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