‘Trump Baby’ Flies Over London Protest Today, Mocking The Donald During His UK Visit

A large group of motivated protesters have taken to the streets of London today beneath the shadow of the so-called ‘Trump Baby’ to decry the American president.

A throng of protesters unhappy with the Trump administration and, in particular, President Trump’s “working visit” to the UK took to the streets of central London today to express their discontent according to CBS.

They were beneath the small shadow of the infamous ‘Trump Baby’ balloon flying overhead. Although the balloon looks quite large from up close, it is dwarfed by the crowds below. The “Trump Baby” is bright orange, bearing the President’s signature haircut, and is swaddled in diapers and bedecked with golden chest hair — an odd juxtaposition to say the least.

Protester Catherine Murgatroyd had little love for Trump or his visit, expressing as much to reporters on the scene with CBS. “We are pro-America, anti-Donald Trump,” she said.

Murgatroyd had made the trek all the way from Portsmouth, a community on the south coast of England, to London along with her daughter to participate in today’s political protest. She was holding up her end of a large placard bearing the message “UK REJECTS TRUMP!!” alongside other marches moving through the streets in a show of solidarity standing against everything the Trump administration stands for.

“We think it’s important that the U.K. stand up against someone with a lack of morals like Donald Trump,” Murgatroyd told CBS, wanting him to know “that he’s not welcome. That we don’t tolerate people with a disregard for human rights.”

Thousands of activists were seen converging in Parliament Square in preparation for an even larger protest march moving towards this evening’s festivities in Trafalgar Square.

Michael Avenatti, the fiery attorney who represents adult film actress and gentleman’s club performer Stormy Daniels, was also on hand in London today in support of the women’s march. He had nothing positive to say about the President, with whom he is frequently at odds with, and spoke to reporters with CBS on the matter.

“I think the president’s visit is like a lot of things the president does; It’s insufficient,” Avenatti said over loud street noise, “He’s trying to avoid the protests because he wants to bury his head in the sand and doesn’t want to look at what’s really going on and face the facts,” he said.”At some point this president needs to step up or step out.”

President Trump met with Prime Minister Theresa May of the British Conservative Party at her country residence known as Chequers for a brief photo opportunity and public statement. Both world leaders remained reticent to discuss, publicly at least, Trump’s open critique of May’s soft Brexit plan, widely rejected by many voters and politicians who had spearheaded the successful Leave campaign.

For his part, President Trump was positive about the professional relationship he had begun to foster between himself and the British PM.

“The relationship is very strong,” Mr. Trump said. He also said they “probably never developed a better relationship than last night,” Trump said, referring to their shared dinner held at Blenheim Palace.

Trump will meet with Queen Elizabeth II today, becoming the eleventh President of the United States to have been greeted by Her Majesty.

Trump’s visit comes just after a blistering NATO summit held in Belgium in which the mercurial American leader lambasted NATO allies for failing to hold up their end of the bargain in terms of fulfilling their promise to contribute 2 percent of GDP to the joint effort. Following brief negotiations, President Trump managed to gain some concessions from most member nations as reported by the Inquisitr, appearing to be effective despite his aggressive rhetoric and methodology.

President Trump will continue on from his UK trip to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

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