Trump backlash as body language expert says ‘finger’ gesture was a ‘f**k off’ to astronaut

During an interview with astronauts, Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, last Friday, Trump congratulated the pair on becoming the first women to walk in space. As Trump said: “We’re thrilled to be speaking live with two brave American astronauts who are making history joining us during their spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

“And this is the first time for a woman outside of the space station.”

Trump, however, was corrected on this fact as Ms Meir stated they weren’t the first but rather that it was “the first time that there has been two women outside” at the same time.

Speaking on the interview, body language expert, Dr Jack Brown, who has also analysed a recent exchange between Nancy Pelosi and Trump, insisted the action was an illustration of the President’s inner thoughts.

Tweeting to his followers, Mr Brown analysed Trump’s actions frame by frame.

As Trump is corrected by the astronauts, the expert commented on the President’s initial “droopy” appearance which he argued showed “there is also a mild amount of disgust displayed on Trump’s mid-face”.

He added: “This nonverbal cluster is strongly projecting the thought-emotion, ‘I can’t believe she just corrected me!’”

Seconds later, as the President briefly closes his eyes, which is apparently a typical act of “distancing behaviour” which as he put it, “is a manifestation of arrogance and castigation”.

Although Trump is not openly stating his feelings, his body movements are examples of “leaks of his true thoughts”.

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Mr Brown adds: “Trump then leans his torso and looks his right, nonverbally saying, ‘Can you BELIEVE this woman?’

“His eyelids remain partially closed — continuing to scold Dr. Meir while projecting mild disgust.”

However, in reference to the moment where the President uses his middle finger to scratch his forehead, Mr Brown confirms that in his opinion, Trump is indeed swearing.

He adds: “This gesture is very much what it looks like — Donald Trump is giving Astronaut Jessica Meir the finger while she’s walking in space.

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“He’s subconsciously telling her to ‘f**k off’.

“This is an example of one of many different subtypes of what is known as a Partial Emblematic Slip.”

What that term means is that Trump is apparently using a well-known signal, which is not being used in its typical scenario and is only subconsciously generated.

As Mr Brown concludes that the gesture reflected “his anger at her polite and humble correction of a verbal mistake he had just made”.

Away from the expert’s opinion that Trump was indeed swearing, the President also announced that he was lifting sanction on Turkey.

Moreover, Trump also announced the official withdrawal of troops from the region as he referenced the hard-fought land as a “bloodstained sand”.

The President had received widespread criticism for removing troops from the region but despite those accusations, in his speech on Wednesday he insisted that it was time for someone else to take up the fight.

Moreover, he also insisted that the US had “done a great job” in fighting the removal in northern Syria.

With the implementation of what he termed a “safe-zone”, Trump concluded: “Countless lives are now being saved as a result of our negotiation with Turkey.

“An outcome reached without spilling a drop of American blood.”

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