Trump impeachment: Has a Democrat President ever been impeached?

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Joe Biden will take office the day the Senate returns from recess on January 20 and begins its trial of Donald Trump. The upcoming trial will see Senators decide whether or not to convict Mr Trump on charges of “inciting” riots on January 6, The article up for debate is the third put to the Senate in two years and makes the President the first to have been impeached twice.

Has a Democrat President ever been impeached?

Impeachment is a relatively rare course of action taken by Congress.

The lower house tends to save impeachment as the harshest possible rebuke for alleged crimes deemed nigh unforgivable.

Mr Trump is the fourth President to face impeachment and the first to have done so twice.

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The four impeached presidents include two Republicans and two Democrats.

Andrew Johnson, a Democrat and white supremacist who opposed civil rights for slaves, was impeached by a Republican-controlled lower house in 1868.

Republicans charged him of violating the Tenure of Office Act of 1867, which Abraham Lincoln’s administration had introduced to prevent him firing pro-reconstruction officials.

Lincoln’s former Vice President survived 11 articles of impeachment by one vote in the Senate and was ultimately acquitted.

The next time Congress prepared articles of impeachment was nearly 100 years later for Republican President Richard Nixon when journalists unearthed the Watergate scandal.

Representatives crafted three articles of impeachment in 1973 – obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress.

These never passed the lower chamber, however, as Mr Nixon resigned in 1974.

Impeachment remained in the legislative toolbox for another 24 years until the presidency of Democrat Bill Clinton.

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A Republican-controlled lower house voted to impeach Mr Clinton in 1998 following allegations he had sexual relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The alleged misconduct with Ms Lewinsky did not seal Mr Clinton’s fate, as the articles of impeachment accused him of lying about the act under oath.

Two articles passed to the Senate in 1998, and the chamber impeached him on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Mr Clinton survived the impeachment, as a bipartisan Senate vote acquitted him.

A total of 10 Republicans joined all Senate Democrats in voting 55 to 45 against conviction for perjury.

Five Republicans joined Democrats to eke out a 50-50 tie on the obstruction of justice charge, preventing the required two-thirds supermajority needed to convict him.

Much like Mr Trump during his first impeachment, Mr Clinton served the rest of his second term until 2001.

He then stood down and left his vice, Al Gore, to run in a controversial race against George W Bush.

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