Trump is a master at pushing Democrats’ buttons

Damn that Donald Trump, he’s at it again, making a big deal out of 9/11. How dare he?

He’s also threatening to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Has the man no decency?

“It’s illegal. It is just plain illegal. We will meet him in court. We will beat him in court,” thundered Mayor de Blasio, taking a position at odds with his earlier offers of free medical care and other goodies for illegals.

But that was then. Now he’s flipped the script to meet the requirement to always oppose whatever the president supports.

Welcome to this week’s latest — and strangest — talking points from the left. And it’s only Wednesday.

Call Trump what you will, but he’s a master at pushing Democrats’ buttons. A simple tweet from him and they rush to embrace the wackiest, most self-defeating ideas imaginable, even reversing their own positions.

For much of Trump’s presidency, Dems and their media puppets were able to diminish his populism as mere appeals to his base. The left’s message to all others was that Trump’s policies and tweets were neither sound nor serious, just boob bait for his deplorable Bubbas.

There was often some truth to the claim. Like all politicians, the president couldn’t take his core supporters for granted and had to reassure them from time to time that he hadn’t wandered off course and become too comfortable in Washington.

But these days, in the run-up to 2020, we are witnessing a significant change in Trump’s target audience. He is broadening his aim to include independent-minded voters who are repelled by Democrats’ increasingly radical positions.

And most Dems are responding by becoming ever more radical. Go figure.

If the media were honest, more would acknowledge that Trump’s appeals are logical, even conventional. Incumbents always try to broaden their base, and generally have the extra advantage of time because they have no serious primary opponents.

That’s what Trump is doing, but the really odd thing is how Dems react. Time after time, they lurch to the left when it is obvious they already are far out of the American mainstream.

Yet Leftward March is the only command they obey.

So there they are, rallying around Rep. Ilhan Omar after Trump criticized her for characterizing 9/11 as “some people did something.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Trump for posting a video of the burning Twin Towers mixed with Omar’s comments.

It was, Pelosi said, “beneath the dignity of the Oval Office” for Trump to post the video, adding that “I don’t think any president of the United States should use the tragedy of 9/11 as a political tool.”

Ah, yes, 9/11 was a “tragedy.” By being so politically correct, Pelosi guts the meaning of the worst attack in American history and avoids using the words Islamic terrorism. Count it as another victory for Trump — and another day where Pelosi is caught between Trump and the far-left loons in her caucus.

She is said to be a political whiz, but Pelosi keeps falling into traps. Recall that when Omar repeated anti-Semitic tropes, Pelosi first criticized her, but couldn’t deliver the votes for a clear resolution. She ended up settling for a mealy-mouthed condemnation of hate that was so meaningless, even Omar voted for it.

Other Dems, like de Blasio, are falling into Trump’s trap on illegal immigrants. Firmly opposed to the obvious need to secure the border, they accuse the president of being heartless for wanting to build a wall. De Blasio himself went to Texas in a senseless stunt to make those charges last year.

OK, then, says Trump — if you want the migrants here, take them into your cities and states. To which de Blasio responds, Oh, no, we can’t do that — let somebody else bear the burden of our compassion.

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey also had a telling response, saying on CBS that Trump is “trying to pit Americans against each other and make us less safe.” He didn’t elaborate on how illegal immigrants would make cities “less safe” but there’s only one possible meaning to his words.

In fairness, some mayors and governors have accepted Trump’s challenge. Dem mayors in Chicago, Philadelphia, Rochester, Newark, New Haven and other blue enclaves raised their hands to take more illegals.

Still, the effect was a political point in Trump’s favor. He was setting the agenda, and Dems were divided over what to do. Confusion among one’s enemies is always desirable.

Soon enough, of course, all the wings and splinter groups of the left and the far left will unite again. The release of the Mueller report Thursday likely will give Trump antagonists enough grist to revert to Russia, Russia, Russia.

If the tidbits are really juicy, there might be enough faux outrage to bang that drum through the holiday weekend. Given the bottom line of the Mueller report — no collusion, no obstruction — the unflattering information won’t be a game changer but will at least let Dems temporarily escape their own blunders over 9/11 and illegal immigrants.

Gov’s scare tac‘tax’

Poor Gov. Cuomo — he lost the argument but still made money. Cuomo made numerous false charges about the new federal tax law, saying it favored only the wealthy and was a “missile” aimed at destroying New York.

But on Monday, his tax returns showed that he got a big tax cut.

With incomes of about $212,000 in both 2017 and 2018, Cuomo paid federal taxes of $41,765 in 2017, or 19.6 percent. For 2018, he paid $39,138, or about 18.5 percent.

The difference was $2,627. Surely, his thank-you note to Trump is in the mail.

Jumaane makes no cents

Progress must be stopped!

That’s the message from Jumaane Williams, the city’s public advocate. He demands that all businesses in the gleaming — and very expensive — new Hudson Yards development on Manhattan’s Far West Side accept cash from customers.

Never mind the global cashless trend and the march of technology. Williams knows best.

A press release from his office says many Hudson Yards businesses, “including the grocery store, do not accept cash payment, which creates a barrier for the 12% of New Yorkers who are unbanked and the 25% who are underbanked.”

Underbanked? There’s gotta be a government program to fix that.

Millennial front-whines report

My report on millennials bringing their sense of entitlement to the office rings a bell with reader Karen Sweeney. She writes: “I work for a large law firm and my colleagues and I notice how our summer interns have become demanding. They used to come to work on their first day scared and eager to please. Last summer’s interns came in at 9:00 am and would go to Starbucks, come back around 10:00-10:30 and complain about the ‘scut work’ they were assigned.

“Some even had their parents call to complain for them. And to my dismay, they were accommodated. I find the situation abhorrent and depressing for the future of this country.”

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