Trump launches extraordinary attack on Ilhan Omar at MAGA rally – ‘pleaded for ISIS’

The President has been involved in an ongoing spat with Ms Omar and a number of other ethnic minority Democrats, during which he was accused of racism over Twitter posts. Trump’s remarks appear to be a reference to a letter Ms Omar wrote to a federal court judge in 2016, urging leniency in the sentencing of nine Somali-American men from Minnesota who had travelled to the Middle East to join ISIS. She wrote: “I bring to your attention the ramifications of sentencing young men who made a consequential mistake to decades in federal prison.”


“Such punitive measures not only lack efficacy, they inevitably create an environment in which extremism can flourish, aligning with the presupposition of terrorist recruitment.”

However Ms Omar has always been clear that she regards ISIS as a murderous terrorist group.

Trump also accused the Democratic Senator of refusing to condemn Al-Qaeda.

He commented: “Omar laughed that Americans speak of Al-Qaeda in a menacing tone and remarked that ‘you don’t say America with this intensity.

“At a press conference just this week when asked if she supported Al-Qaeda, that’s our enemy, she refused to answer.

“She didn’t want to give an answer to that question.”

On Monday Ms Omar was asked to condemn Al-Qaeda during a press conference after which she condemned the question as bigoted.

Ms Omar replied: “I will not dignify it with an answer because I know that every single Islamophobe, every single person who is hateful, rejoices in us responding to that and us defending ourselves.

“Every time there is a white supremacist who attacks I don’t expect my white community members to respond on whether they love that person or not.

“We are no longer going to allow the dignification of such ridiculous statements.”

Trump was addressing supporters in Greenville, North Carolina.

The event was originally intended to coincide with Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony but this was postponed.

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