Trump predicts big win in visit to campaign staff on Election Day

WASHINGTON — President Trump told campaign and RNC staff he was predicting a huge win on Election Day and said he was feeling great despite looking a little tired, his voice hoarse after an exhaustive five rallies late into the night on Election eve.

“I think we’re going to have a great day, we’re going to have a great night and we’re going to have, much more importantly, we’re going to have a great four years,” he said during at visit to the Republican National Committee’s headquarters in Arlington, Va.

In a husky voice, the president thanked his campaign staff and said he believed he was going to unite the country.

“Everybody should come together,” he told reporters when asked what his message was to Americans that voted for opponent Joe Biden.

“I think success brings us together,” he went on. “Success is going to bring unity.”

While the race has tightened in key swing states, Democratic challenger Joe Biden has consistently led in nationwide polls.

While the commander-in-chief was predicting victory on Tuesday evening, he did uncharacteristically float the idea of losing.

“I’m not thinking about a concession speech or an acceptance speech yet. Hopefully, we’ll be only doing one of those things,” he said.

“You know winning is easy. Losing is never easy, not for me it’s not,” he went on.

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