Trump Ridicules Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Via Twitter, Posts Videos: 'Happy Anniversary! #ProudDeplorable'

Trump shared a video of Clinton’s infamous speech to mark its two-year anniversary.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter today to ridicule his 2016 political nemesis, Hillary Clinton, proclaiming: “Happy Anniversary! #ProudDeplorable.”

As the Washington Examiner noted, Trump shared a video of Clinton’s infamous speech to mark its two-year anniversary.

Trump posted a video ridiculing Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” speech, in which the 2016 presidential candidate said.

“You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic — you name it!”

Trump then quoted politician and political commentator, Jason Chaffetz, tweeting the following message.

“Barrack [sic] Obama talked a lot about hope, but Donald Trump delivered the American Dream. All the economic indicators, what’s happening overseas, Donald Trump has proven to be far more successful than Barrack Obama. President Trump is delivering the American Dream.”

After that, President Trump took another jab at former president Barack Obama, retweeting a video posted by Dan Scavino Jr., in which Obama infamously ridiculed Trump, arguing that he will never become president. The short segment of Obama mocking Trump is then followed by a montage of CNN‘s election night coverage.

As the New York Times reported, Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” speech was widely criticized by Trump supporters, Republicans, and by Donald Trump himself. The NYT noted at the time that Clinton’s remarks were out of character, considering the fact that she had built her 2016 message around the slogan “Stronger Together.”

Trump campaign took note of the speech as well, slamming Clinton for insulting “the hard-working men and women of America,” in front of wealthy political donors.

Professor Jennifer Mercieca, an expert in American political discourse at Texas A&M University, told the New York Times that Clinton’s “deplorable” comment demonstrates a lack of empathy for the average American, adding that it could portray the 2016 presidential candidate as unlikable.

Clearly, from this perspective, Mercieca was right. Donald Trump won the election, and Clinton’s elitist messages may have played a part in that.

And now, Trump is, yet again, ridiculing Clinton. #ProudDeplorable has already started blowing up on Twitter.

As the Washington Examiner noted, President Trump still frequently invokes Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 election. This Friday, before a fiery rally in North Dakota, Trump said that he calls Clinton’s “deplorable” speech her political funeral.

“I call it Hillary Clinton’s funeral, that was the night she lost the election,” he said.

Donald Trump is known to use Twitter as a political weapon. As the Independent recently observed, Trump has found a way to use social media to control the news agenda, create distraction, and reach the masses.

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