‘Twisted’ cop killer Dale Cregan jokes about crimes with ‘up his a*se’ lag pals

Cop killer Dale Cregan makes vile jokes about his crimes, it has been claimed.

The monster murdered four people, including two female police officers.

And since being jailed for life in 2013, he is said to have made a string of “twisted” comments about it.

A source said: “Dale Cregan has got a dark sense of humour. He jokes about things he has done. He is a little bit twisted. He joked about killing the two police officers. It was a twisted thing to do.

“He is more than happy to talk about what he did. But he is selective about who he talks to about it.

“If you aren’t one of the lads, he isn’t going to entertain you.

“In that circle, if you are seen as someone without any status he won’t associate with you. But if you’re one of the lads he’ll talk with you all day long about it.

“A lot of people are up his arse because he is well known and there have been documentaries about him.”

The 37-year-old’s crimes in 2012 shocked the nation.

The drug dealer made a hoax call to police which lured officers Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone to a property in Mottram, near Manchester.

When they arrived he threw a hand grenade at them and fired 31 shots, killing them both.

But Cregan, who only has one eye, is said to have no remorse over what he did.

The source added: “Does he regret doing what he did? Absolutely not. I think he regrets getting a life sentence.

“He regrets that. But does he have any sympathy for what he did? Of course not. He doesn’t.

“He justifies what he did. He makes comments. He says he didn’t know they were women.”

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