Twisted serial killer’s ‘house of horrors’ demolished for paedo victims memorial

A paedophile serial killer's 'house of horror' where he imprisoned his victims is being razed to the ground.

Monster Marc Dutroux used a grim building in the Belgian city of Charleroi, to lock up and rape girls between 1995 and 1996.

His reign of terror was only ended in August 1996 when a hunt for a 14-year-old girl led detectives to the property where she was found cowering in the basement with another girl, 12.

Police arrested the sicko under the same roof.

Dutroux also snatched a pair of eight-year-old girls who were tragically discovered starved to death after being held captive in the same property.

Authorities in the city's Marcinelle district have sanctioned the demolition of the building which will be replaced with a memorial.

Work has begun to demolish a Belgian property where, one of history's most notorious serial killers, hid young girls he kidnapped.

The building will make way for a memorial to victims of paedophilia.

Unbelievably Dutroux, now 65, had already abducted and raped five young girls almost a decade earlier but was released from his 13-year prison sentence after just 36 months.

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News of his previous conviction and early jail release sparked fury in Belgium, particularly as investigators appeared to have missed a series of clues.

Plans to transform the 'house of horror' into a memorial garden are in action with the demolition job under way yesterday (Tuesday, June 7).

The parents of Dutroux's victims Julie and Melissa have been working with the city's urban planner Arthur Hardy, on the garden which will be built on a concrete slab, concealing the original basement below.

Arthur said of the decision: "This reserves the possibility in the future to access these cellars."

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A reason behind the sickening dungeon being preserved and untouched under the memorial has been shared by several families of the victims who believe it could hold answers to unsolved questions regarding Dutroux's crimes.

The 65-year-old was handed a life sentence behind bars in 2004 having been found guilty of having kidnapped, confined and raped six girls and young women in 1995-1996.

Only two of them, Sabine and Laetitia, survived.

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