Tyson Fury sparks anger as he parks sideways across a disabled space

Ex-heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury sparks anger as he parks his camouflage Range Rover sideways across a disabled parking bay

  • Tyson Fury’s Range Rover was pictured with a ticket pressed on the windshield
  • The ‘Gypsy King’ had posted a snap of his re-vamped car on Instagram earlier
  • His decision to park in a disabled space provoked backlash online, with one person tagging an opponent to see what they thought 

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s newly refurbished Range Rover was pictured with a ticket on its windshield – as it parked in a disabled spot.

The self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ had earlier posted a picture of his 4×4 parked sideways across a disabled space on Instagram, praising its new wrap which he said ‘looks and feels great’.

But his decision to put the car in a handicapped spot provoked backlash online, with people quick to remind him where he had parked.

Tyson Fury had earlier posted a picture on Instagram of his Range Rover parked across a disabled spot

One man tagged fellow boxer Tony Bellow in his tweet, asking him what he thought of Fury’s decision to park in a handicapped space

One man requested a meeting with Fury to explain why he cannot park in the designated parking bay, while another tagged fellow boxer Tony Bellew to ask him what he thought.

His post on Instagram brought about similar rage, with one commenting: ‘Parking in disabled spaces too, absolute t**t’, and another said: ‘Disgusting that you have parked it in a disabled bay’.

Fury will make his return to the ring at the Manchester Arena on June 9 after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus amid self-confessed problems with drugs and depression.

Another woman tweeted the former heavyweight champion to remind him where he was parked

One person requested a meeting with Tyson Fury to explain why his car should not be parked there

The Range Rover was photographed yesterday with a parking ticket pressed onto its windshield

Speaking yesterday ahead of his comeback fight, he was as comical and confident as ever.

However, he did allow himself to be grounded by his new promoter Frank Warren after suggesting he is ‘ready today’ to fight rivals Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. 

Fury told reporters on Thursday afternoon: ‘I’m in a very, very good place, they always say a happy fighter is a dangerous fighter and I am very, very happy, I feel stronger and quicker and fitter than I ever have done.’

Fury’s vehicle was pictures in a disabled parking space with a ticket left on its screen

Tyson spoke yesterday ahead of his comeback fight in June, and told reporters he was in ‘a very, very good place’

‘I think the break has done me well, I started boxing when I was really young and I never really had that break so it was nice to have time – some much needed time – with the family but I’m back now and ready to really set the division on fire this time.

‘It took two and a half years to get that fire again. Every time I had 10 pints down the pub, I was wondering where is this fire, is it going to come?

‘I wanted to fight then but I was walking one day and thought I am a fat pig and I knew something had to change.’

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