UFO sightings to be ‘taken more seriously’ as world enters new phase boffins say

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UFOs will be taken more seriously throughout 2022 as the military and politicians look into theories more, boffins have said.

At the end of last year, top American officials announced a multi-billion dollar National Defence scheme to look into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) – commonly referred to as UFOs.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand admitted at the time: “These phenomena present a challenge to our dominance over the air.

“Staying ahead of UAP sightings is critical to keeping our strategic edge and keeping our nation safe.”

Now, boffins say it is proof the world has entered a “new phase” in its attitude to UFOs.

One expert, Mark Rodeghier, a scientific director in Chicago, told space.com: “The technology has gotten better, software tools have improved and the current interest in UFOs has attracted new, qualified professionals.

"While one can't predict how soon we will gain new, fundamental knowledge about UAP/UFOs, I believe that these efforts are very likely to succeed and set UFO research onto a new foundation of reliable, physical data.

"As a consequence, we will have even more evidence — as if it was needed — that the UFO phenomenon is real and can be studied scientifically.

"The effort to detect, track and measure the UFO phenomenon in the field, in real-time, has recently entered a new phase.”

In further good news for people who have believed in alien life all along, a ground-breaking new project called the Galileo Project is set to search for extraterrestrial evidence around our planet.

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Over 100 scientists have formed its research team and they plan to put a telescope system on the roof of the Harvard College Observatory this year.

An astronomer involved said: "The system will record continuous video and audio of the entire sky in the visible, infrared, and radio bands, as well as track objects of interest.

"Artificial intelligence algorithms will distinguish birds from drones, airplanes or something else.”

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