UK General Election odds 2019 – what's the latest from the bookies?

THE race for Number 10 is ongoing, with the bookies speculating over who will be our next Prime Minster.

Theresa May stepped down from her post on June 7 after a tearful resignation announcement, but is a general election on the cards?

Is another General Election on the cards?

Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner for the leader of the Tory party, could trigger a general election at the end of the year.

Coral have narrowed their odds on a general election in 2019 from 2/1 last week to 13/8.

Johnson and Hunt are now head to head after Micheal Gove, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart were knocked out of the race.

What are the betting odds on when the next General Election will be?

With rumours of a General Election, bookies are offering odds on when the next one will take place.

Below are the latest election odds given by bookmaker Coral as of June 25 2019:

Latest election odds

  • Odds on election in 2019 – 13/8
  • Odds on election in 2020 – 5/2
  • Odds on election in 2021 – 10/1
  • Odds on election in 2022 or later – 9/4


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When could a General Election take place?

Elections in this country take place on a Thursday.

By law, Parliament is dissolved 25 working days before a General election.

Now that Theresa May has backed down, a new leadership contest could theoretically happen the day Britain leaves the EU.

But it is unclear if a change of Tory leadership would precipitate a General Election.

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