UK hot weather: ‘Bermuda blowtorch’ 90F scorcher to singe Britain for Freedom Day – maps

BBC Weather: UK set to bask in temperatures of 30C

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A tropical 32C (90F) blast from the Atlantic will thrust Britain into the furnace this weekend, forecasters say. Glorious sunshine will last into next week as Covid restrictions lift pushing the national spirit to fever pitch.

The summer sizzler will be driven by an ‘Azores High’ weather pattern also known as a ‘Bermuda High’, experts say.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said: “Temperatures will rise significantly at the weekend, particularly across southern Britain.

“We are looking at a spell of extreme heat driven by the Azores-Bermuda high and could see maximum temperatures in the mid- to high-20Cs holding out consistently through the coming days.

“Get ready for the Bermuda blowtorch.”

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “The driver for the hot weather which could see temperatures push past 30C on Sunday will be an Azores High.

“This region of high pressure which stretches from the sub-tropical Atlantic will sit right over the UK letting us really feel the power of the sun, particularly this weekend but also through the start of next week.”

However, sun-lovers should make the most of the baking heat with a thundery eruption forecast later next week, Mr Dale warned.

He said: “From about mid-week it looks like the high pressure will give way and as is usual after periods of very hot weather we could see something livelier in the way of downpours.”

Thermometers will rocket into the high 20Cs or higher on Saturday before breaching 30C on Sunday.

The highest temperatures will be across southern Britain although most of the country will feel warmer than of late.

Netweather spokesman Paul Michaelwaite added: “Saturday sees another rise in temperature, with 30C potentially being breached in a few spots.

“Typically, maximums of 24C to 28C will be likely in all parts away from western and central Scotland, where it’s liable to be cooler and cloudier.

“Sunday is likely to bring another step upwards, with a peak of 30C to 32C or so not out of the question, with similar values possible on Monday too.”

Hot weather will hold out through Monday, dubbed Freedom Day, when after almost a year and a half all Covid restrictions will be lifted.

BBC Weather is predicting highs of nearly 30C over the coming days with the heat peaking on Sunday afternoon.

It said: “Most areas will continue sunny and very warm on Sunday but could and some rain will spread into northern areas.”

Met Office forecasts describe the weather as “sunny and very warm for many, hot in parts of England and Wales”.

It added for Sunday to Tuesday: “Largely warm or very warm with plenty of sunshine.”

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