UK hot weather forecast warning as roads could MELT in 40C heatwave

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The warnings come ahead of a 10-day scorcher due to kick off this weekend and last into mid-July.

Temperatures will rocket through the coming days as forecasters warn sustained, extreme heat will push Britain into heatwave territory.

Softening highways could bring gritters out and about to sand the roads­–a sight more common in the depths of winter.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis said: “As the weather warms up, so too will the roads, and you can pretty much guarantee that the road temperature will be significantly hotter than the air temperature, especially where the sun is out.

“The heat can lead to some softening of road surfaces–blacker patches of tarmac is the tell-take sign. 

“If temperatures really shoot up, it might also be the case that gritting trucks will need to be brought out as salt can help improve vehicle grip on melting roads.”

Weather models reveal ground temperatures under blazing sunshine hitting 40C by the middle of next week.

Air temperatures, more commonly used in weather forecasts, could push past the 30C-mark before mid-month.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “We are looking at a sustained period of very hot weather from the weekend until the middle of the month.

“This could push temperatures into the 30Cs, with highs of 35C now possible in some isolated spots.

“This is a significant period of hot weather and could end up with the nation contending with a major heatwave.”

Soaring temperatures sent weather models into meltdown at the weekend predicting air temperatures of 40C.

Unlike extremely high ground temperatures, 40C has never been recorded during a UK summer and is ‘highly unlikely’ next week.

John Hammond, meteorologist for Weathertrending, said: “One or two computer models are indicating temperatures as high as 40C in the next week or two

“That would be unprecedented but highly unlikely.”

The mercury will start to rocket from today hitting the mid- to high-20Cs by the end of the week and even 30C at the weekend, he warned.

He said: “After mid-week with more prolonged sunshine and light winds temperatures will start to climb quite noticeably up into the mid to high 20Cs in southern and eastern areas and by the weekend, not far off 30C.

“It will probably be the most Southern areas that will see the peak of the heat and this will be particularly around coastal areas where there will be less cloud.”

“It is the south and east which will see the highest temperatures later on this week.”

“Next week the warmth will continue with high pressure dominating and I don’t see much sign for significant rain for several days to come.”

Scotland and northern England is likely to stay cooler in a north-westerly wind, and could see some rain, he added.

Drought fears amid forecasts of no rain in parts of the UK have raised fears of hosepipe bans and water shortages.

Officials have urged Britons to use water wisely while taking showers instead of baths and using washing machines sparingly.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “I see a period of between 10 days to two weeks where in parts of the country there will be no rainfall whatsoever.”

“This could be problematic with river levels receding and would push these regions into a drought situation.”

The heatwave will be driven by a huge region of high pressure building in the Atlantic and about to engulf Britain, he explained.

He said: “The Azores High will start to stretch into Britain through the coming days and it is at the weekend when temperatures could really start to rise.

“This is the picture until around mid-month, and while we largely expect to see temperatures in the high-20Cs, it would not be out of the question to hit 30C.”

Bookies have slashed the odds on a raft of hot weather odds with Coral offering 1-2 on a hosepipe ban and 4-5 from 2-1 on the 38.7C record melting.

Spokesman John Hill said: “With temperatures steadily on the rise, we have slashed the odds on the UK’s highest ever temperature being broken this month.

“We look set to have a spell of dry weather over the next few weeks, and as a result of that forecast, we now make it odds-on for the UK to impose a hosepipe ban this summer.”

Ladbrokes is offering 10-11 on temperatures through the next week or so bringing home the hottest July on record.

Spokesman Alex Apati said: “There’s every chance this month will go down as the hottest July ever, if the latest odds are anything to go by.”

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