UK hot weather latest: Britain slapped with HURRICANE warning as 31C heatwave looms

UK weather: Met Office forecasts sun and showers

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A Mediterranean heatwave is currently being propagated across the nation by an omega block weather formation. This omega block is currently holding at bay the low-pressure fronts coming across the Atlantic from Hurricane Ida – the storm causing havoc in New Orleans. Omega blocks are named due to the pattern they form which resembles the uppercase Greek letter omega.

An area of high pressure is currently being sandwiched in over northern Europe and the UK between two lows to the east and west, and also slightly to the south.

NetWeather has issued a heat-map that shows highs of 31C gripping northern France that will begin creeping across the Channel into the UK.

However, the weather could abruptly change come mid-September.

Speaking to Jim Dale of British Weather Services said: “UK weather to stay subdued and stable until mid-September.

“However, Atlantic weather systems to break through mid-September in north-west Scotland and Northern Ireland that should stir things up a bit.”

The UK’s Met Office has said that high pressure is holding back low-pressure weather fronts coming in from the Atlantic.

This will allow most areas of the UK to see a continuation of dry weather.

Mr Dale of British Weather Services added: “An omega block is holding the Atlantic pattern back for the moment.”

But, early in September, the high-pressure weather area over the UK will begin to break and this will be the first hint of autumn in the UK.

Referring to this Mr Dale said: “The wetter weather will hit Northern Ireland and western Scotland first before extending across the UK.

“Once the Atlantic systems come through we will see ex-hurricane activity hitting the north of Scotland.

“When you get a dry spell like this, followed by more serious weather it could lead to floods.”

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The UK Met Office echoed this view and referring to the mid-September period said: “The influence of tropical storm activity brings some uncertainty to this period.

“An unsettled spell is most likely for the middle of September, the focus for this toward the northwest of the UK, with the south and southeast perhaps holding on to drier weather.”

In the short term, the Met Office has forecast showers across much of the UK on Sunday.

Some of these showers will become heavy at times.

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